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Week’s Best from Kid Wealth (#2)

I’m back with some more of the best things I’ve seen in the news throughout the week. If you find any cool stuff that you want to share, follow @KidWealth on Twitter and tweet me those findings.

  • I want to start off with the funding of Berryville on Kickstarter. It was already funded by the time I saw it. It was easy for me to decide to back it. Gamifying financial literacy for kids makes so much sense. I was interested in being more involved, but I didn’t think it made sense to pay a lot of money to be a beta tester. I’d rather support other financial literacy projects.
  • Rob Phelan shared a story about regretting a big spending decision as a kid. It’s a great story that goes far beyond that description.

    Our kids are 8 and 9. They saved up to buy a Nintendo Switch before the pandemic and they haven’t regretted it one bit. They use their birthday money to buy a Pokemon game or expansion pack and they get a ton of use out of it. Maybe in the next couple of years, they’ll have more wants to save up for.

  • Blue Tree Savings (the author behind Grandpa’s Fortune Fables) explains tricks companies use to get us to spend more money. I second the recommendation of seeing Super Size Me 2: Holy Chicken. Also, I spent years as a pharmacy technician in high school and college without knowing that paracetamol is another name for acetaminophen. It’s a Europe thing.
  • MoneyTime won an
    Eifle Award for Children’s Education Program of the Year: Financial Responsibility & Decision Making. I’ve reviewed MoneyTime before and I highly recommend it for tweens and teens
  • Finally, I’ll end with my own tip. Buy discounted groceries with your kids. A month ago (April), I came home with highly discounted Elf cereal. Yesterday, I brought home Easter egg pasta that was $0.49/lb. I bought it because it’s fun, but also to show the value in hunting for bargains. It tastes just as good at a fraction of the price.

Have a great weekend and I’ll be back next week with new kid money tips.

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