Support Kid Wealth on Patreon

Let’s start with a question, “Why Support Kid Wealth on Patreon?”

The Financial Figures of Kid Wealth

Kid Wealth, in general, doesn’t make money. A handful of people have clicked on a link where I get a small referral fee. In total, that amounts to under a single dollar a month.

I spend over a hundred dollars each month on this website. Some of it is hosting, and some of it is design services. Some of it goes to social media tools. It all adds up.

As much as I love creating this website, losing a hundred a month is not sustainable. (Even on the Patreon page, we’re covering business lessons.) I have a bigger vision for Kid Wealth, but that will take time and money.

While on the subject of time, I’ve put hundreds, maybe thousands of hours into Kid Wealth.

Kid Wealth Philosophy

I want you to have the best experience at Kid Wealth.

That means:

I could create and sell a course. I’ve thought about it before. Several other kid money websites sell courses. We don’t need more kid money courses.

Patreon is the Solution

Patreon allows fans to tip content creators. When you sign up to donate, it shows me that I’m providing you value and that I should continue. (Of course if you have any feedback on how I can improve, I’m always looking for that too.)

I’ll Support You

* If you are annoyed by the state of the web and get a chance, you should read that article. It’s a lot of fun.

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