“Wealth is the ability to fully experience life.”
– Henry David Thoreau

Welcome to Kid Wealth, where kids and parents learn about money.

Everyone agrees that money is important in life. However, most schools simply don’t teach it. If schools aren’t going to teach money, it has to come from somewhere else. I’d be honored if you’d allow me to be your tour guide on your money journey.

If you want your kids to have a life without money worries, Kid Wealth is the place for you.

About Me

Hi. I’m Brian MacFarland. I’m 47. I live in Newport, Rhode Island with my wife, two kids (ages 9 and 11).

After 20+ years of saving and investing, we’ve got enough money that we never need to work again. My wife and I have had good careers that pay very well. She is a military pharmacist. With 24 years of service, she can retire with a great pension. I used to be a software engineer. I moved on to my second act that’s a mixture of parenting, blogging, dog sitting, and running client relations for a small Silicon Valley start-up.

My father died at an early age – the age I am now. My mother had to run the family finances and a whole lot more. We learned about money together. I didn’t know any other kids in high school who owned mutual funds. No one else read Kiplinger’s Personal Finance.

Don’t get me wrong – I made my share of money mistakes. You won’t see me recommending day trading here. Making mistakes is part of any learning experience.

Financial education has made a tremendous difference in my life. I want you and your family to have those advantages.

About The Kid Wealth Kids

Kid Wealth Kids
The Kid Wealth Kids

I’d like to say that the Kid Wealth Kids are your typical 9 and 11-year-old kids. However, that would be a lie. We’ve been in a very fortunate position to give them a huge head start. They go to a tremendous school. They have always had a stay-at-home-father (that’s me) who can usually set his work hours around their need. Their mother works longer hours, but she has almost exclusive worked from home their entire lives.

Like most kids, they’ve tried a lot of activities. That means they’ve also quit a lot of activities. We are regulars at the Karate Dojo and Cub Scouts. They’ve also done downhill snow sports (snowboarding and skiing), acting, drums, baseball, cooking camps, soccer, and First Lego League robotics.

They also fight with each other all the time. They are complete opposites in almost every way. The only things they agree on is a love of Pokemon and Marvel.

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